Changing my Lifestyle?

Right now I’m wondering about the transition from a competitive skater to a not-so competitive skater. Do I just forget about everything I have learned? How am I going to feel about myself when a couple of years down the line, I cannot do something anymore because my body is not trained or built the same way? Will l experience the withdrawal effects of “skater’s high”?

The good news is this isn’t my first time “quitting” skating. I’ve done it before in 2007 due to a back injury.

The first couple of years were tough. I was more irritable than usual unless I worked-out intensely at the gym several times a week, but sometimes even that was tough due to chronic pain. My desire to eat the healthy foods I grew up on decreased and my cravings for sweets and other junk foods dramatically increased. I gained weight. By doubling my effort in workouts and healthy dieting, the weight-gain stagnated. But I never really went back to my original 119 pounds.  I felt fat even though I technically was not. (However, interestingly enough, when I started to skate regularly again, formal pants I had purchased in 2008 became four inches too big for my waist in 2010 and I was back to the 119.)

The major differences between quitting in 2007 and quitting today are:

1) I know what to expect of my body and mind and can take the appropriate steps to stymie the negative and encourage the positive :)

2) Back then, I felt forced to quit, but now, I feel like I am “quitting” on my own terms! My idea of “quit” now has dot dot dots because I have realized that you can never ever say never! Thanks to all the AMAZING people I have met and all the wonderful things I have learned about myself and others over the years.